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@HempHistoryWeek is the largest education campaign renewing strong support for #hemp farming in the U.S. while raising awareness about the benefits of non-toxic hemp products & superfoods! Host an event in your community & join the growing number of voices demanding support for the Industrial Hemp Farming Act (S134, HR525).

Be part of the movement to bring hemp back to U.S. soil in 2018! Get up-to-date information on how you can support hemp policy reform by signing up for @HempHistoryWeek’s email #DeepRoots

Learn about hemp's role in #sustainable agriculture and the important #hemp research being done by the @RodaleInstitute in this year's @HempHistoryWeek video: Deep Roots! Celebrate #DeepRoots June 4-10, 2018!

Want to see more climate-friendly American jobs? Get involved with the 9th annual @HempHistoryWeek this June 4-10. Celebrating the #DeepRoots of this carbon-sequestering renewable resource! Learn more:

@ZiggyMarley @JasonMraz @DarWilliams @MichaelFranti and @Ozomatli are just a few of the artists getting ready for #DeepRoots in celebration of @HempHistoryWeek, June 4–10! Check out our other #hemp conscious endorsers & share!

Farmers, grassroots organizers and retailers across the nation are celebrating the 9th annual @HempHistoryWeek June 4-10. Plan an event near you! #DeepRoots

The 2014 Farm Bill allows for states with hemp legislation in place to grow hemp for research. This is one step closer for farmers everywhere! Get involved with the @HempHistoryWeek campaign and @VoteHemp to push for the Industrial Hemp Farming Act to allow for commercial production & make the industry viable! We are bringing hemp back to U.S. farms!

Looking for delicious #hemp recipes? Check out @HempHistoryWeek sponsor and endorser recipes in the Event Resource Portal:

The 9th annual @HempHistoryWeek is June 4-10! Industrial hemp is viable, sustainable & profitable. Solid information on #hemp farming is found here:

Most states that have #hemp legislation on the books can grow for research purposes only. Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them you want to see U.S. farmers growing hemp in a commercially viable way! Celebrate hemp's #DeepRoots with @HempHistoryWeek!

Hemp is a crop that pays! U.S. farmers want to supply the growing $680 million dollar market for hemp products. Stand up for @HempHistoryWeek by calling on your policymakers about #DeepRoots & to let U.S. Farmers grow hemp!

Are you a #hemp fan? Get involved with the 9th annual @HempHistoryWeek, June 4-10 to bring hemp back to U.S. farms. #DeepRoots

Our Founding Fathers grew #hemp and advocated for its use. This year, we celebrate hemp's #DeepRoots with the 9th annual @HempHistoryWeek, June 4-10. Get involved!