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We are proud to support the 8th annual @HempHistoryWeek, June 5-11! Have you seen the official #BreakingGround campaign video featuring Alex White Plume’s story growing hemp on Pine Ridge Reservation? Please share!

Celebrate @HempHistoryWeek with sales on your favorite hemp products June 5-11. Be part of the movement to bring hemp back to U.S. soil in 2017! #BreakingGround

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@HempHistoryWeek is June 5-11 - Save on hemp! Support the growing hemp economy with discounts from @Dr.Bronner's @FarmerDirectCoop @LivingHarvestTempt @ManitobaHarvestHempFoods @Nature’sPath @Nutiva @PacificNaturalFoods @PlusCBDOil #BreakingGround

Join us for the 8th annual @HempHistoryWeek this June 5-11. Celebrate #hemp as a renewable resource and healthy food! #BreakingGround

It’s @HempHistoryWeek - the largest education campaign renewing strong support for #hemp farming in the U.S. while raising awareness about the benefits of non-toxic hemp products & superfoods! Join us in celebrating with sales on your favorite hemp products. We’re #BreakingGround with hemp as a healthy, environmentally friendly crop.

We’re joining @HempHistoryWeek to feature #hemp products & support a renewable economy! #BreakingGround

The 8th annual @HempHistoryWeek is June 5-11! #Hemp is a food, fuel, fiber and so much more! We are educating our community about the potential of this healing renewable resource to celebrate hemp’s return to U.S. Farms - Learn more about hemp here:

#Hemp sales are here – try these delicious hemp recipes today!

Hemp = Jobs! U.S. farmers want to supply the ever growing market for #hemp products. Stand up with @HempHistoryWeek & call on your Senator to cosponsor the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017 - #BreakingGround - Let U.S. farmers grow hemp!

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson & John Adams each grew #hemp & advocated for the U.S. Hemp Economy. Hemp is our history - Celebrate @HempHistoryWeek, June 5-11 #BreakingGround

Wellness Advocates like @AliciaSilverstone @DrWeil @AshleyKoffapp @TheJohnSalley @AlexandraJamiesonFanPage LOVE #hemp superfoods & are endorsing @HempHistoryWeek 2017! See who else supports healthy #hemp…