HHW 2017 Event Photography Contest

Join our Hemp History Week Photography Contest!

Capture the best moments of your Hemp History Week event and win one of 10 awesome hemp gift packs! We would love to see your best shots*, and will reward the best photos with a generously filled pack of hemp products (see image). Be sure to bring your camera to your event, and capture great photo opportunities when they arise, or have a friend attend the event as your dedicated photographer, and share the goodie bag with them!


You can send in photos for five photo categories. For each category we will select two winners who will receive a hemp gift pack:

    • Best photo in your campaign shirt
    • Best photo of campaign materials & sponsors’ samples
    • Best group photo
    • Best candid photo
    • Most creative photo


Here are a few criteria to keep in mind when taking photos. These we will use to select the winning photos:

    • Captures spirit of the event
    • In focus
    • Good framing
    • Good lighting
    • Interesting / quality content with clear subject matter (person/people or objects)
    • Captioned: what is happening in the photo? What is the event name? Where are you?


Bonus points awarded for:

    • High resolution
    • Includes smiling faces/ engaged people!


Send us your photos before June 19, by emailing them to


*Please note that by sending us your event photos you agree to Hemp History Week potentially sharing them on social media, or using them in creative materials for future campaigns.


We look forward to seeing how you capture highlights of your event!


Have fun!