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Proud to be supporting the 8th annual @HempHistoryWeek. Allow U.S. farmers to grow #hemp #BreakingGround

Call your legislators to support the Industrial #Hemp Farming Act! Take Action w/ @HempHistoryWeek @votehemp #BreakingGround

The Farm Bill supports #hemp research but we’re not done yet! Take action to pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act!

WATCH: Alex White Plume's victorious battle to grow hemp at Pine Ridge Reservation @HempHistoryWeek #BreakingGround video!

RT Did you know the #Hemp Law of 1619 ordered every American colonist to grow 100 plants each? #BreakingGround

Want U.S. #hemp jobs? Educate your community during the 8th Annual @HempHistoryWeek, June 5-11, to #BreakingGround

Look for @HempHistoryWeek celebrations at natural foods stores & events nationwide, June 5-11! #BreakingGround

YES! @jason_mraz & @ziggymarley support @HempHistoryWeek! See who else loves #hemp & supports its return to US Farms #BreakingGround

Hemp legislation is in states all over U.S. Call your policymakers & tell them you want U.S. farmers growing #hemp

Find delicious superfood #hemp recipes in @HempHistoryWeek Event Resource Portal for organizers of #BreakingGround

During @HempHistoryWeek, June 5-11, you can celebrate with specials on your favorite #hemp products! #BreakingGround

Our Founding Fathers grew #hemp! Get involved to bring hemp back to U.S. farms for #BreakingGround @HempHistoryWeek

1916 @USDA Bulletin No. 404 showed that industrial #hemp produces 4x more paper per acre than trees #BreakingGround

Join us in celebrating #Hemp's return to US Farms in 2017 during @HempHistoryWeek June 5-11 @votehemp #BreakingGround

Plan your @HempHistoryWeek grassroots event now to educate your community about growing #hemp in 2017 #BreakingGround

Love hemp products? Get involved with @HempHistoryWeek to help U.S. farmers once again grow #hemp #BreakingGround